To sell your preowned boat at our boatmarket is very secure, very efficient and free (in the priceplan "blue-jacket") or reasonably priced in the other priceplans. We don't charge any commission - just a very small fee. As a private seller, please choose one of the priceplans below and click "choose plan".

If you are a professional boat-dealer, please click here to present your boats: -> Offer for professional boat-dealers.


Sell your boat fast, reasonably priced and free of commission at a reliable boatmarket.

We'll keep your personal data private as long as you do it - just your phone-number is given to only registered and verified users.

€  0 00
  • 6 weeks duration
  • 3 photos free
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
€  9 90*
  • 12 weeks duration
  • 10 photos free
  • 1 video free
  • highlighting color
  • -
  • -
€  29 90*
  • 18 weeks duration
  • 20 photos free
  • 2 videos free
  • highlighting color
  • Featured on category-page
  • -
€  49 90*
  • 24 weeks duration
  • 30 photos free
  • 2 videos, 1 PDF free
  • highlighting color
  • Featured on category page
  • Featured on frontpage

* All prices includes 19% VAT. We accept PayPal or Credit-Card. If you don't have a PayPal account yet, you can open one for free at the end of the listing process. Additional features which are included in your priceplan, like "Featured at frontpage", must be started by yourself in your "My Account" section.

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